Thompson Creek Lodge located in Seiad Valley, Ca. 96086  in the heart of Northern California's Klamath National Forest.





Thompson Creek Lodge  is located along (Hwy. 96) The
State of Jefferson Scenic Byway along the Wild and Scenic Klamath River

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THOMPSON CREEK LODGE 55 miles west down Hwy. 96.  (7 miles past   the community of Seiad Valley on the right along Hwy. 96.)   Watch for the narrow bridge sign, if you pass over Thompson Creek you have went to far.


KLAMATH RIVER: Approximately 15 miles down river you will come to the community of Klamath River.  To your left is Quigley's store & RV Park which has a deli.   This friendly little community also features a post office, community hall, grade school, and trailer park.     Population:  150    Elevation:  1651

HORSE CREEK:  35 miles West of I-5.  Beautiful valley, the old suspension bridge is a must see!   Pay Phone at the Bridge - (no fee to call us from there), community church, no other services.    Population:  115  Elevation:  1640

SCOTT BAR:  3 miles South of Hwy  96. and 39 miles West of I-5.  The Scott River Road Connects the Klamath River Valley to the Scott Valley.  The road is a narrow canyon road.  Services: Post office & community hall.     Population:  100  Elevation: 1710

HAMBURG:  41 miles West of I-5.  The little red store to your left  is called the Rainbow Store.  Snacks & sodas.  Just up the road to the right is a lodge & RV Park.  Population:  80  Elevation:  1583

SEIAD VALLEY:  50 miles West of I-5.  To your right is the Seiad Valley Store.  Stop in and take a look around.  There are hand crafted items made by locals on display for sale.    Our community also has a post office, cafe (note the cafe was on the travel channel as the 3rd. in biggest places to pig out for their amazing pancake challenge) ,  RV Park, Elementary School, mini storage, card lock gas station (excepts visa/ master card or purchase a gas card at the Seiad store), guide service and volunteer fire department.   Population:   350  Elevation:  1371

WE ARE JUST 7 MILES FARTHER.  Thompson Creek Lodge  52431 Hwy. 96 Seiad Valley, Ca. 96086

Ten miles further west:  from our lodge - Happy Camp is a small, friendly, rural mountain community on Highway 96 midway between I-5 and the Pacific Coast. This rustic community is in northern Siskiyou County approximately 20 miles south of the Oregon border.      Happy Camp has a market, liquor store, post office, restaurants, bank, medical clinic, pharmacy, schools, hardware store, autoparts & repair, forest service, barber/beauty shops, antique/gift stores.  Population:  1200   Elevation:  1080

SOMES BAR:  107 miles West of I-5.  Population:   225  Elevation:  527

ORLEANS:  127 miles West of I-5   Population:  450   Elevation:  450

Remember businesses close early in small towns!


Distances to US  from:


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 Thompson Creek Lodge

Located at: 52431 Hwy. 96 Seiad Valley, Ca. 96086

Phone:  530-496-3505   



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